We have a great new jeans and trouser company available, brand Toni as a replacement for the Michele label now retired.

The specially developed cuts mean trousers by Toni Dress fit perfectly, are thoroughly comfortably and at the same time enable an excellent figure. Toni Dress trousers and jeans owe their perfect fit to two simple fit systems catering to different figures. The “Superslim” range is geared towards women with extremely slim legs, with comfortable width at the waist the hallmark of trousers in this range. In contrast, the cut is narrow at the rear and on the thighs. The second fit system, the “Comfort Fit”, caters to normal to large thighs and a shapely rear. The waist is normal but the thigh width of these trousers by Toni Dress.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us email or telephone 01242 583983

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